Sachi Plunge EL4350 Black
Sachi Plunge EL4350 Black
Sachi Plunge EL4350 Black

Sachi Plunge EL4350 Black

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A bold modern bra with sexy strapping details that can be shown off under a low cut top. This bra is fun for special occasions, but comfortable enough to be worn every day. 
  • UK sizing.
  • Fits true to size.
  • The side wire on this style is lower, making it great for short upper torsos.
  • Gives round, forward facing shape.
  • 2-hook back closure = 36-42DD, 36-40E, 36-38F, 36FF, 34G, 32GG
  • 3-hook back closure = 44-46DD, 42-44E, 40-44F, 38-44FF, 36-44G, 34-42GG, 32-42H,HH; 32-40J,JJ
  • Fabric content: 57% nylon/polyamide, 24% polyester, 19% elastane.

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