Hi! Welcome to Broad’s online store. Before you get to shopping, we have a few tips for you:

    1. Don’t shop online. We know that’s a weird thing to say on our own website, but we really recommend shopping at our brick-and-mortar store if you can. This lets you work with one of our bra fitters, benefiting from their knowledge and experience. A good fitter knows each bra’s quirks and will offer you styles that match your body and your preferences. Shopping in person sounds like more work, but it actually streamlines the whole process and takes the stress and confusion out of bra shopping!
    2. Replace old favourites. The best way to use our online shop is to re-purchase bras that you already love -- you know the style works for you, and you know what size you need. Easy!
    3. We’ve written guides on self-measuring, how to tell if a bra fits, how bra sizes work, and more. Read the guides and learn how to make the best choices for you.
    4. Start with the descriptions we’ve included for each bra, then take it a step further and google some reviews. To get the most out of a review, pay attention to the way the reviewer describes their body and preferences. If they love the bra, but their shape/size/likes/dislikes are drastically different from your own, you may not feel the same way.