We're looking for a bra fitter!

Is Broad the right fit for you?

Broad Lingerie is where busty people find bras that fit and feel good. Our official motto is “Buying a big bra doesn’t have to be a big deal” — our unofficial motto is, “Let’s not be jerks.” We’re committed to a culture of welcoming and care for all kinds of bodies and people. This is not an exclusive club!

We take health and safety seriously, and we have measures in place to protect our staff, our customers and our community. These measures include masking (you will be provided with KN95 masks for work), distancing, paid sick days, an air filter and ventilation when possible. All of our staff are proudly triple vaccinated.

The nitty-gritty: This position starts at $17 /hour. Benefits include paid sick days, paid breaks, health benefits, a staff discount, and a friends-and-family discount. Starting the week of April 4th at 4 days/week, with potential to grow over time.

As a Fitter, you’ll collaborate with customers to find bras that work for them. While we strive to make bra fittings easy for our customers, matching a customer to the right bra is not a simple task! This position requires patience, problem solving skills, attention to detail, and strong interpersonal skills. It’s a blend of customer service, fashion fun, technical knowledge, and emotional support. In addition to bra-fitting, this role includes answering phones and emails, booking appointments, processing sales, receiving inventory, and keeping the store neat.


  • Active listening skills. You’ll need to zero in on the customer’s experience and remember that your own preferences, feelings, and experiences are not universal
  • Strong understanding of consent and how to practice it! Being fitted for a bra is a vulnerable experience for lots of folks, and it’s important that customers feel their bodies and boundaries are respected
  • Nerdiness. There’s A LOT of product knowledge to remember, so this position is best suited to folks who are enthusiastic about learning and like getting into the details
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Customer service experience
  • An ability to multitask and think on your feet
  • Cash handling experience
  • Proficiency with GSuite (Google Docs and Sheets, especially)
  • Weekend availability


  • Some knowledge of or interest in lingerie and bra fitting
  • Written and/or spoken additional language, especially French
  • Social media skills, particularly Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok 
  • Skill or interest in modeling or photography

Accessibility notes: This position requires light lifting, use of stairs, and computer work. The desk can be used standing or with a chair. Broad isn’t a scent-free space, but we ask that staff and customers skip or minimize use of scented products. Have an accessibility need we haven’t addressed here? Please ask! We’re happy to make adjustments.

Interested? Send a cover letter and resume to info@broadlingerie.com by March 21st, 2023.